Summer Furniture: Cleaning and Storing For Fall

As the temperatures drop for most of the nation, families everywhere are embarking on the seasonal task of cleaning and storing their summer furniture before settling down on the Ashley sofa sets. Despite the melancholy, this may cause, the actual task itself need not be arduous.

The beauty of outdoor summer furniture is the ability to simply hose these pieces down with some soap and water. If you’ve been keeping up with regular hosings of your furniture, nothing more should be required. If the task has slipped away from you and this will be the first cleaning of the season, we advise using bleach. Remember that bleach stains–put on your oldest sweatpants and spray the entirety of your pieces with a mixture of water and bleach. Let this sit for a few hours before running over the piece with a sponge and warm water. Finally, hose down the chairs and tables and let dry.

In terms of storage, homeowners with a garage can store their furniture there. Others can store these pieces in basements or storage rooms. To keep tables and chairs in top condition for next season, cover all stored pieces with a sheet or piece of tarp. Paint clothes work perfectly as well. This will keep dust, debris, and dirt from landing on these pieces and accumulating over the next few months and will save significant time for you when spring and summer come around next year!

Clean and store your outdoor furniture and visit our site for unique furniture for fall!

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