Saving Space With Nesting Tables

For most homeowners, space is at a premium. Many of us are multitasking our rooms. Our living room doubles as a kitchen and guest bedroom. The master bedroom is our walk-in closet and home office. The fact of the matter is rents are high and space is limited. Despite all the hassles, this reality creates, it also gives us the chance to utilize unique furniture and get creative with our home decorating.

When it comes to space saving in style, nesting tables are a dream come true. These tables offer up to three tables in one. Nesting tables start as a relatively typical coffee or desk table, but secretly hide an additional smaller table (or two!) inside its structure. These work perfectly for those of us with a love of entertaining. The vast majority of the time we have no need for three tables, but the nesting table’s option for expansion makes impromptu gatherings a breeze. The Classy Home offers a vast selection of nesting tables in glass, wood and metal. Our tables house one, two, or three hidden tables. Put a nesting table on either side of your Ashley sofa set and be ready to entertain at the drop of a hat!

For homeowners looking to best utilize their limited space, nesting tables might be exactly what you’re looking for. Check out our selection of Nesting Tables and pick your favorite!

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