Pieces Your Children Will Enjoy for Years To Come

After walking hand in hand with our children through the aches, pains, joys, and sorrows of life, watching them leave the home you made for them can be both exhilarating and devastating at the same time. While we are overcome with pride at the fact that our little girls and boys are now fully grown adults who are able to care for themselves and build a home for their families, we also want to hold onto them forever. As we walk through this bittersweet moment, we might be looking for a way to give them something from the home to take with them.

Giving your adult children the coffee table set they grew up with when they leave shows them that you love them and lets them have a sense of familiarity with their new home. As they walk room to room through their new home and nothing has any memories, they will truly appreciate the unique furniture pieces that you gifted them with. They tend to latch on to these pieces of comfort in the same way they clung to their blankies as kids. It also gives you the peace of mind that your presence is still with them as they move on.

Find a piece your child loves and surprise them on moving day by giving it to them. The gesture will surely be appreciated.

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