Pet Friendly Furniture

Many people want to strike a balance between having a comfortable, elegant home and one friendly for pets. The fact of the matter is you can protect your furniture without having to buy thousands of pet hair rollers. Leather sofa sets are a good choice for dogs and cats. Many animals don’t like the feel of leather and will avoid leather furniture. Even if they do climb on the furniture, their fur can easily be removed. With cats, just make sure they have a scratching post or else that recliner leather chair is going to look like a tantalizing option for claw care!

Another option is to buy a sofa set and section off one part for the pet. Place their bed there and let them know it is their space and that they are not allowed elsewhere on the couch. Most animals will accept these terms and the rest of your couch will be fur-free. If you want your pets off the couch entirely, you can accomplish that with some training. I would suggest placing a crate or bed for your animal in the living room. That way when the family gathers they feel like they have a place and are a part of things.

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