Period Furniture: The Colonial Living Room

Looking for a period makeover, aren’t we? Where should we begin? Let’s start with your living room. After all, that’s where you would want to make an impact on your guests. So, how to achieve that authenticity of a colonial living room?

A typical colonial living room is characterized by its elaborate color palette of blue and green with touches of red. This is majorly taken up by the upholstery – blue-green damask on the sofas creating a sharp contrast with the chairs upholstered in red. Handmade oriental rugs – a mark of the wealthy complemented the portrait above the fireplace in tones of red, brown and yellow was a tradition then.

The walls were pine paneled, adorned with silver sconces, bright cotton printed tapestry in red, yellow, blue and white. Set against the brown of the pine, walnut sofas paired with a two sitter settee chair, upholstered stool and the much loved tall – back wing chair in front of the fireplace. In larger living rooms, rocking chairs with Paneled Oak settee and single wing chairs complemented the entire setting. Wouldn’t you want to just pull up your legs and settle comfortably with hot chocolate in front of the fireplace in such a setting?

Do you feel the warmth of that fabric under your feet? That’s the characteristic colonial upholstery for you. Needlework fabric employed on the chairs had innumerable patterns. However, the sofas were upholstered in satin usually in the tones of red and brown, effectively creating the warm ambiance characteristic to the 17th century.

Don’t you now feel prepared to charm your guests the colonial style? What are you waiting for? Just go for that period makeover you have been itching to have now. Order some of the pine paneling and oak wood furniture that is waiting to be chanced upon your eyes, put on your dressing gowns and have a grand ball!!!

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