Increase Productivity with a Real Desk

Today’s world is one of multitasking to the highest degree possible. We are trying to do five tasks at once. We are making dinner while catching up on emails and talking to our kids about their day at school. Rarely do we sit down and devote all of our attention to one task. On the surface, it looks like we are getting more done this way. However, studies have shown we are doing many things, but doing nothing well. In actuality, we are skimping on giving anything our all.

While it is surely tempting to curl up on your sofa set with the laptop and television, doing so means your actual productivity decreases significantly. The reason behind many companies’ hesitancy to allow employees to work from home is the knowledge that this often means half their attention will be on their work, and the other half will be on the TV, kitchen or newspaper. Requiring everyone to come into the office results in far more effective workers.

One way to work around this is to purchase a real desk to work from. Having a piece of unique furniture in your home designated entirely for the purpose of work will go a long way towards increasing your overall productivity and perhaps earn you more days of working from home!

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