Giving Your Kids a Space of Their Own

Earlier this month we discussed preparing your home for the arrival of a new baby. This is an extension of that post, but focused towards families with growing, school-aged children.

Part of the process of growing up is the acquisition of more independence. As they reach school age, kids start to want a space of their own. Their interest in spending all of their time riding your coattails diminishes greatly with each birthday they celebrate. Therefore, designing a room that they can call their own involves finding unique furniture that reflects their unique personalities. While your living room’s mature Ashley sofas and gorgeous wood and glass coffee table sets excite the design maven in you, they are less likely to impress the younger set.

No one is suggesting you let your children decorate your entire home. But, allowing them to browse The Classy Home’s site for furniture that makes them happy is a great way to show that their opinion matters and their voices can be heard. Let them decorate their own rooms. Allow them to help pick out design accents in the main rooms. All of this will give them the distinct sense that they are a valued member of the family.

Curl up on the sofa with your little one and browse The Classy Home’s selection of kids’ furniture today. Your kids will thank you!

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