Furnishing Your College Apartment

After spending the last decade eagerly fantasizing about being out from under your parent’s watchful eyes, the time has come and you have finally spread your wings and moved into your first college apartment.

You want your humble college abode to be inviting, comfortable and stylish… but you certainly do not have much cash to spend. Luckily for you furnishing on a budget is easier than it sounds; it just takes a little creativity and planning.

Gather your roommates and collectively decide which piece will get the most use and enjoyment. Make that the big ticket item. Maybe a sofa set is what important to you. Or, perhaps having a dinette set that invites people to sit, eat and laugh is more important. Whichever it is, this should be where you spend the real money. After that, check with family and friends to see if they have any unused furniture you can buy from them. That is guaranteed to be less expensive than a retailer. If not, make a group outing and scour flea markets and garage sales. Look at sites like craigslist and freecycle for people willing to part ways with their items for really cheap. And, remember, painting an item can bring a whole new life to it.

Once this is done, focus on decorating. This is the least expensive part. Hang some lights and draperies. Get cute and affordable pillows. But most of all, invite your friends over – because they are what really make the apartment home.

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