Furnishing A Small Dining Area

The challenges of choosing dinette furniture increase significantly when you are dealing with a small space, as most of us living in major cities know all too well. You want enough room for everyone to comfortably sit, dine and mingle, but do not have the space for much extra. Additionally, you still want to have enough space to actually use the kitchen for cooking. In order to furnish your small dining area effectively, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Consider the scale of the furniture you choose. This might be the single most important factor in decorating your space. The dinette set you pick should neither be dwarfed by the room or be so big that it takes over space. It should look like it belongs in the space naturally.

Selecting a limited color palette will take a lot of the risk out of decorating. Choosing neutrals allows you to make the room look airier. Also, choosing colors that blend in with your appliances will give the room a seamless and natural look.

Make mirrors your best friend. A mirror hanging on the wall reflects the surfaces of the room and makes the room appear to have doubled in size. This is a top designing trick.

Another, often overlooked, the trick is to choose transparent furniture. Using materials such as glass, Plexiglas, and acrylic gives your furniture the effect of disappearing, therefore making the room look bigger instantly.

Keeping these tips in mind should take much of the frustration out of the small, space-decoration process. After all, it is your home and decorating it should be fun!

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