Cherry: Not Just a Fruit

When it comes to décor colors, nothing beats a good cherry finish. Whether you are looking for a wood to complete your dinette set or are awash in finish options for your cabinet sets, do not overlook the rich and bold class a cherry finish can give to a room. Cherry accents work best with homes that have already decorated in a rich color palette. Sofa sets in brown, dark red, mauve or grey make for great complements to cherry-finished wood dining room tables, nightstands, bookcases and more! There is almost nothing that wouldn’t look better in a cherry finish!

The trick with cherry finishes is to work them into your home in a way that seems organic, seamless and logical. Outfitting an entire room in cherry wood furniture is the easiest way to create a theme or establish a sophisticated personality for space. Cherry wood is dark and demure.  It sends the clear message that you are someone with seriously refined taste. But it also adds the slightest touch of fun to a room. The combination is simply divine.

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