Channel The Right Energy In Your Living Room

Your living room is like the portal to your home, while your sofa set is often the place where people meet, greet, and embark on lasting relationships. Therefore, it’s only logical for the sofa to be the centerpiece of your room. What should you do with the rest of the room?

The Chinese principles of feng shui can guide you in your endeavors to harness the most inviting energy possible in your living room. Before you start integrating your other pieces of unique furniture into the room, follow these guidelines:

  1. Position your sofa in the corner furthest from the door and the window.
  2. Make sure the sofa is placed in clear view of the door.
  3. Avoid having too much space between the wall and the sofa. The rationale behind this is that the wall is essential for providing security and protection.
  4. Avoid placing the sofa set in front of a window or directly opposite the door. Energy flows between the door and the window and you do not want to place yourself or guests in its path.
  5. Avoid having lights or beams directly above the sofa.
  6. Use screens and partitions to help influence the flow of energy throughout the living room. This allows the flow of energy to be directed to another part of the room.

The rest is up to you. Have fun with it and enjoy the benefits of a properly energized living space.

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