Can Your Living Room Furniture Save Your Marriage?

Marriage is hard. All anyone has to do is take a quick look at the current divorce rate to sense this. All too often couples do not even realize that there is a problem until things are beyond repair. It can seem like you literally woke up one day and were married to a man or woman you do not even like, let alone love. Marriage counseling has become the go-to solution for many. These professionals can be vital in ascertaining what the problem is and how to mend it. Rarely, however, do we look to our interior decoration schemes for some insight into the deterioration of our relationships.

While it might not strike you as immediately obvious, your living room can be a treasure chest of insight into your relationship. Take a look around. How are the sofa sets positioned? Are they placed in a way that makes conversation and cuddling easy? Or, rather, are they placed on either side of the room with clearly defined interests and occupants? Any marriage counselor will tell you that the key to keeping the romance alive is spending time together. If there is an overload of unique furniture and not communal seating options in your living room, it means you have already resigned yourself to living separate lives. It is easy to see how it goes downhill from there.

Take a look around. Redecorating could be the easy marriage saving plan available.

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