Beanbags: Everybody’s New Best Friend

What are versatile, practical, portable, long – wearing, child proof and fun? A myth, most of you would say! Well, I say otherwise. A Bean Bag!!! Want a living room that is bright, cozy and comfortable? Get a bean bag. Want to add color and texture to your otherwise neutral room? Get a bean bag. Want to add an area to your space that can accommodate more seating without dominating the room? Again, get a bean bag. Want a space where you can read and sing, snore and sleep? Yes, you are right! Get a Bean Bag. Well, add a few more I would say!!!

What makes the bean bags so versatile? Firstly, not only do they come readymade in four shapes but they can also be custom made as per your size preferences and home décor. So what are the four shapes available in the market?  Teardrop, like its name suggests, is shaped like a tear, providing great lumbar support with its big back. Armchair, for the traditionalists among us, resembles an armchair. Cylinder, popular with the kids and sack – the beanbag couch is the most popular one these days, liked by young and old alike.

Beanbags are great for easing back or neck pain. Think of them as a personal masseuse. They have become an instant friend to the kids. Be it watching TV, reading or playing a video game, a beanbag is where you would find your kid perched on.  They are lightweight, durable, long – wearing and safe – sounds like a great friend, doesn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Befriend a beanbag today!!!

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